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REMONDIS Recycling

Flow logistics for material and substance cycles

  • REMONDIS Recycling is a recycling specialist for glass and plastics, primarily PET, HDPE, PP and polyamide. A key focus area of our service spectrum is packaging waste. The materials we recycle come from municipal collections and the dual systems, but also from the beverage industry, as well as the central depots and branches of food retailing. The core business also embraces services related to the German deposit system, where we are one of the most important providers for beverage deposits and deposit clearing. Over and beyond the area of packaging, REMONDIS Recycling is also engaged in the sector of textile recycling.

    • Our competences lie in both the management of complex substance flows as well as the subsequent processing Recycling

    • From deposit clearing through to the recycling of beverage crates: We offer a broad range of services for clients from industry and commerce Deposit

About Us

  • REMONDIS Recycling stands for optimal recycling chains. To realize our ambitious processing objectives, we bank on fully developed services, perfect logistics, and facilities with the latest technologies. Where deposit solutions are concerned, we offer all-inclusive packages for handling non-reusable and reusable deposit containers as well as the entire data management. In terms of quality, we cover a great variety of industry-specific standards in addition to the basic requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001. For more detailed information about our presence in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and Poland with the respective certificates, please go to Locations and Certificates

    • PET bottles are regarded as the leading beverage container around the world. Our facilities make the plastic available again as a high-quality recycled material.

    • Around 16 billion non-reusable beverage containers circulating in Germany are subject to a mandatory deposit. We support this highly complex deposit system with practice-oriented solutions.

Climate Protection Pioneer

  • A characteristic feature of REMONDIS Recycling are its vital contribution to saving resources and various activities for more climate protection. Exemplary for our commitment to protecting the climate is our glass recycling facility in Essen, amongst others. This is where we have refined the recycling process to an extent that it uses substantially less energy than the standard procedures customary in Europe. Find out more about the ground-breaking technology of the recycling facility and its certification as a Climate Project

  • Thought-through workflows and systematic energy management help to improve our energy efficiency even further

  • Using What is Valuable

    Packaging containing valuable substances is professionally processed with modern technologies in our facilities and then returned to the economic cycle as high-quality recycled materials. REMONDIS Recycling thus operates one of Europe's most advanced recycling plants for PET plastics in Hamburg, for example, where used non-refillable bottles are turned into up to 20,000 tons of recyclable plastic flakes every year. We also sort old textiles in keeping with a wide-ranging catalogue of criteria and make them available for reuse.

    • Glass Recycling

      Over 40 years of practice in collecting and recycling glass make REMONDIS Recycling one of the most highly regarded and experienced companies in this area. We collect all commonly used glass types for municipalities, dual systems and industrial or commercial operations, and recycle them in accordance with high quality standards. Our competence in this regard embraces disused hollow glass as much as flat glass.

      Plastics Recycling

      Using sophisticated, complete solutions, we ensure the recycling of plastic materials from municipal collections, return systems, commercial operations or industrial production. Our service offer meanwhile includes the provision of the collection equipment as much as local pre-sorting. In cutting-edge facilities, the materials are turned into products of a defined quality, for example ground goods and granulates made from HDPE and PET.

      Textile Recycling

      Our textile recycling is performed in cooperation with established partners, including welfare organisations, societies, local authorities and business contractors. The textiles are collected in special containers and undergo a multi-stage recycling process at our sorting facility – from pre-sorting via a specific classification in over 140 varieties through to the packing, for example according to the season, material or quality.

    Quality as the highest premise: Optical sorting devices enable even the smallest impurities in old glass to be detected and sorted out.

Raw materials. The basis for new things

    • Glass

      When it comes to glass, we supply glass foundries with a recyclable substance that meets exacting requirements with its pure colour and material. This is because the purity of the recycled glass is of decisive importance for its reuse. To assure this high quality, we regularly perform automated material inspections, as well as certifying and auditing our facilities, amongst other aspects.

    • Plastics

      Our recycled plastics are of a uniformly high quality and distinguished by their great purity. This renders the products viable for a great variety of application options. The properties of our re-granulates, for example, are comparable with those of the new material, which makes them outstandingly suitable for extruded and injection-moulded products. The same applies to our ground goods.  The PET flakes can be used for producing films, bottles, strapping and fibres, for example.

    • Textiles

      REMONDIS Recycling delivers different grades of old clothes and shoes according to their customers‘ requirements. All in all, we can separate old textiles into 140 groups which fall into nine categories. Textiles that cannot be reused are turned into dusters or send to industrial businesses for further recycling.

  • Services for Retailers and Manufacturers

    • Deposit on Non-Refillable Containers

      Every non-reusable beverage container sold in Germany that is subject to a mandatory deposit is worth 25 cents upon its return – money that the retailers pay to the consumer and can as a rule reclaim from the bottlers or importers. This deposit compensation can only work if there is seamless information about when a non-reusable container has been returned, and at which outlet. REMONDIS Recycling provides comprehensive services for this – including the data management and accounting for and devaluation of containers, which are also recycled by us afterwards.

    • Non-reusable beverage containers that are subject to a deposit are either registered in the reverse vending machines of the outlets or in our counting centres

    • Deposit on Reusable Containers

      We offer the beverage industry solutions for handling their reusable PET bottles. To do this, we register the bottles by way of their barcodes, compare them with data base data, and then sort them. This way the flows of empties can be precisely controlled, reliably accounted for, and seamlessly tracked. HDPE beverage crates that are no longer needed are ground down to a granulate and reused as a recyclable material.

    • We also support customers from industry and commerce with tried-and-tested solutions for handling recyclable materials such as sealing caps or paper and film labels

Together for a Sustainable Future

  • The REMONDIS group is one of the world's largest providers for recycling, services and water. Everything revolves around sustainability for us: We take care of protecting the environment, climate and valuable resources in more than 30 countries on 4 continents. In our operative business, we combine consistent customer-orientation with a perfect service, sophisticated logistics and the wide-ranging options provided by our comprehensive network of facilities. The result are forward-thinking solutions that incrementally improve the day-to-day lives of our customers and the world as such, one step at a time. On behalf of the future. Find out more about the service range and worldwide presence of the REMONDIS-Group.

  • The greatest strengths of REMONDIS are its exacting quality standards, perfect infrastructures and complete service chains

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