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Bottle caps become rainwater storage tanks

Rainwater management using an innovative material cycle

Joint sustainability project

Together, Coca-Cola European Partners Deutschland GmbH, FRÄNKISCHE Rohrwerke and REMONDIS have set up an environmental project in the field of rainwater management. The recycling expert REMONDIS will first process the post-consumer screw caps used by the beverage manufacturer into high-quality recycling plastics, which will then be processed into "Rigofill" blocks by the leading pipe and system manufacturer FRÄNKISCHE. These blocks are used underground to store rainwater and recharge groundwater, hence support the once natural water cycle where people have interfered by sealing the surface. In addition to its outstanding quality, Rigofill has a particularly good environmental balance: Instead of virgin plastic, FRÄNKISCHE uses high-quality recycled plastic.

Valuable recycled plastic

FRÄNKISCHE relies exclusively on tested materials for the production of all system components and uses PLANOPROP®, a multi-award-winning polypropylene brand product from REMONDIS' subsidiary RE Plano GmbH, to manufacture its Rigofill blocks. The production of the recycled goods saves more than 2,700 tonnes CO2 per year compared to the production of new goods, and the recycled plastic fully meets the high quality requirements for rainwater storage tanks. Coca-Cola's plastic screw caps are sorted, crushed, washed and compounded at REMONDIS for production - the good sorting process ensures that the material properties of the plastic are retained. PLANOPROP® is particularly suitable for products that have to be light, stable and resistant to ageing. Thanks to its strength, PP is ideal for Rigofill and the high static requirements in civil engineering. If properly installed, the storage blocks can reliably fulfil their function for decades. Even after its long service life as a Rigofill block, the plastic is still recyclable and thus a plus for the environment. Conservation of natural resources, securing existing raw materials, short transport routes and low CO2 emissions - this is how sustainable industry works for the future.

Rainwater management with Rigofill

The plastic pipe specialist FRÄNKISCHE has been developing and manufacturing products and systems for rainwater management for over 20 years. They restore the water cycle wherever it is interrupted. In highly developed countries, large parts of the landscape are covered with buildings. Streets, squares, settlements, but above all industrial and commercial areas seal off areas and prevent rainwater from seeping away. Thus, waters find other ways: flooding in urban areas in the event of heavy rainfall, a drop of the groundwater level and the associated damage to infrastructure and buildings are the sometimes drastic consequences. To prevent this, Rigofill is used: Combined to form plants of any size, the blocks form a drain that temporarily stores the previously purified rainwater and releases it again with a time delay. As underground structures, trenches must be stable against earth and traffic loads as well as groundwater. The material composition of the drain filling plays a decisive role here. Rigofill blocks are particularly stable and the individual types are designed for different static requirements - both for high traffic loads and for less polluted areas. All storage blocks from FRÄNKISCHE are designed for a minimum service life of 50 years.

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