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Joint Venture between REMONDIS and Morssinkhof Plastics

Realisation of closed-loop PET bottle reprocessing into food-grade recycled plastics for new beverage bottles

REMONDIS and Morssinkhof Plastics are working together to achieve a local closed loop for drinks packaging. With a view to the European Commission's requirement for a higher proportion of recycled material in all PET drinks bottles (25 percent by 2025), the two family-run companies are investing in new processing capacities.

This month, REMONDIS will be starting up a further stage of expansion of its processing plant in Zeitz for PET bottles from the one-way deposit system. From January 2021 onwards, Morssinkhof Plastics will be producing regranulates using its own successful MOPET® process in a new processing plant in Markranstädt.

After approval by the responsible cartel authority, the companies will jointly offer the market the highest quality, food-grade PET regranulates under the name of MORE PET GmbH to enable closed material cycles (so-called closed loops) for PET beverage packaging.

REMONDIS is one of the world's largest recycling, services and water companies. The leading service provider in the German deposit system for non-reusable bottles operates sorting and extrusion plants for plastic packaging at several locations.

Morssinkhof Plastics is a leader in the production of high-quality plastic recyclates and, being one of the largest producers in Europe, operates several processing plants.

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